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15 November 2008 @ 09:46 am
~Snow Queen~ Chapter 1  
I guess this is taking a break from B&B... I don't know. I can't seem to write it at the moment. Oh yeah... I'm putting DBSK in this, as you've probably guessed. Happy birthday Sarah Unnie, even if you don't read this ^o^


Eight years passed, and the Sapphire Blue hotel was prospering.

Kyuhyun stared up at the building, restless and grinning. It had taken months to reach this place, and now he was here and he finally had a job. He pulled at the wool from his fraying gloves – the fingers poked through – and bit his lip, working up the courage to go inside.
He was startled, however, when a young face with high cheekbones peeked over the railing to look at him. He stared back up at the wide, almost scared brown eyes, and they stared back before they vanished and Kyuhyun was left startled.

“You here for the job then, are you?” a voice said, and Kyuhyun span on his toes and cried out in surprise. The voice’s owner laughed, and Kyuhyun stuttered in reply.

Instead of saying anything more, however, the man ushered him through the entrance and guided him to a door beside the main desk. “He’s in there”, the stranger said, and then he disappeared.

Pausing for a moment, Kyuhyun raised his hand and knocked.

“GO AWAY” a voice replied, and Kyuhyun jumped in shock. The stranger laughed. Then the door slammed open and Kyuhyun scrambled away, sincerely regretting his decision to come to this place for work.

Standing in the doorway was a large man with a furious, distressed look upon his face. “DID I NOT TELL YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE,” the man screamed, and raised his fist as though taking aim. Kyuhyun ducked and covered his face with his hands.

But no blow came, and he peeked through his fingers to find a man with an odd look upon his face staring back at him.

“Who are you?” the man asked softly, and Kyuhyun answered with his name, lowering his arms.

“Oh,” the man said, and turned back into his office. “Get to work, please.”

And nothing more was said.


“My name? Yunho.” The man had said, offering his hand. Kyuhyun blinked in confusion – He certainly didn’t know at all.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “But I don’t know.”

“Don’t know what?”

“Your name.”


“No, I don’t...”

Someone giggled, and the same pair of brown eyes blinked at him from the second story. He stared back up at them before the man before him burst into laughter.

“My name...” the man said, pulling Kyuhyun’s attention back to him. “Is Yunho. As in, it’s actually Y-U-N-H-O. It’s my name.”

Kyuhyun coloured and glanced up to the second story again, but the face was gone and the stairway was silent.

He almost felt disappointed.

“Your duties here...” Yunho continued, still chuckling a little from Kyuhyun’s mistake, “Are to help the customers find their rooms, to carry bags, to do chores, to polish the floors and to look after the customer’s luggage. It shouldn’t be too much work, so long as you don’t let Kangin know when you're slacking off. Mmkay?”

Kyuhyun nodded, and glanced at the new, blue uniform Yunho gave him. It felt cold, just like the autumn outside; the lack of warm colours made him shiver. He was so used to the warmer climate over the mountain.

This wasn’t to say he wasn’t looking forward to winter. He loved to skate, and had spent days on the pond back home when it was actually cold enough for it to freeze over.

Maybe he would make a pretty new friend to skate with. His mind drifted to the face he’d seen twice that day as he hurried to his new room to change.


Steam billowed about in the kitchen that morning, and Ryeowook watched, bewildered, as Jaejoong hurried about among the various pots and pans. Jae was a brilliant chef, but it never failed to surprise Ryeowook when he found the elder managing all of this on his own.

“Take a seat, I’ll be with you in a moment,” Jaejoong called, and Ryeowook smiled and did as he was told, pulling a small stool from underneath one of the benches. It had been there for many years, as Ryeowook would once upon a time come to watch his hyung as he worked in the kitchen. Even Eeteuk’s disappearing act could not stop the young boy from sitting in the kitchen, silent as he was.

Jaejoong flounced and appeared before his eyes, sitting cross legged on the floor in front of him. Ryeowook would have jumped, but Jaejoong always did this; despite being in his mid twenties, the elder was still but a boy at heart.

“And what news does little Ryeowook bring me today?” Jaejoong asked, a huge grin reaching his eyes.

Ryeowook was just about to tell Jaejoong about his day – something inconsequential that the two had shared over the years, the sharing of how their days had gone – when a knock came at the door.

Instantly, Jaejoong’s eyes clouded over and he seemed to take his time in getting up, pretending to be attending one of the many dishes simmering away nearby.

“Uh... Hello?” a voice called, and Kyuhyun’s head appeared around the door. “Yunho hyung told me I had to....”

Jaejoong kept the cold stare on his face and only raised an eyebrow. Kyuhyun at least had the decency to look worried... Ryeowook would have laughed, if he didn’t know the reason Jaejoong acted so cold towards new people. The cook wasn’t planning on getting to know anyone new, lest they vanish just like Eeteuk had so long ago; Jae took the incident upon himself, in fact, as he had been the one to suggest his friend should work as a maid in the first place.

Kyuhyun looked down, and held out a note, which Jaejoong took without a change in emotion.
“Yunho hyung told me to give you that...” Kyuhyun muttered, trailing off, before he vanished and the door closed behind him.

Within an instant, Jaejoong was his friendly self again, and Ryeowook let himself smile while the elder absently checked the various dishes with a stir here, a taste there, all the while reading the note.

His face brightened, but before Ryeowook could ask, the cook had stuffed the note in his pocket.

He would have to find out about it some other time, he sighed. His hyung was as stubborn as a mule, and as much as Ryeowook wanted to know what had made him happy, he would have to wait until Jae decided to tell him himself.

So instead, Ryeowook asked if Jae would like to help him bake cookies that night, and of course Jaejoong agreed.


That night, as he emerged from the kitchen brushing flour from his hair, he was surprised to see that Kyuhyun was still at work. Surprised, he paused, and watched the bellboy as he carefully waxed the floor, lit only by the moonlight that drifted in through the glass pyramid that replaced the foyer’s ceiling.

Ryeowook shook his head and made a note to ask Kangin why the boy was working so late, making towards the staircase on the other side of the very floor Kyuhyun was polishing.

But it seemed as though Kyuhyun hadn’t used enough wax in some areas, and Ryeowook realised abruptly why the bellboy was waxing the floors so late at night. He slipped and found himself staring at the moon through the glass in the roof, wondering how it had happened so quickly that he didn't quite catch what was happening in time. He heard Jaejoong giggle and sighed; the cook must have been watching from the window in the door.

“I’m so sorry!” Kyuhyun whispered, trying not to be loud enough to wake anyone upstairs while walking on his knees to Ryeowook’s aid. “Are you okay? I didn’t see you in time, I must have used too much polish...”

Ryewook waved Kyuhyun’s arms away and sat up, making sure not to look the boy in the eye. Then he stood and continued on his way, albeit a little more carefully, only looking back when he reached the stairs.

“My name is Kyuhyun...” the boy said, and Ryeowook let the ghost of a smile wash his face before he replied.

“I know.”


“You liiiiiiike him, don’t you?” Jaejoong laughed, busily heating breakfast for the various guests at the hotel. Ryeowook coloured, and sent Jae the most furious expression he knew. Jaejoong only laughed more; in his mind, when Ryeowook did this, he looked more like a kitten pretending to be a tiger than anything that could possibly be scary. He said so, too, and ducked when Ryeowook’s hand passed through where his head had been only a moment before.

“Yeah, well...” Ryeowook said, blushing harder, and turned back to the coffee he was making. He wasn’t sure that liking another boy was right, but he supposed there wasn’t much to do about it but pretend he wasn’t interested at all.

The next few minutes passed in silence, as Ryeowook pondered this. Then, when the coffee he had so carefully prepared was ready, he added it to his tray and bid Jaejoong goodbye.

“I know you do~!” Jaejoong called before the door could shut completely, and Ryeowook silently fumed. He would wait. He knew about Yunho’s feelings towards the chef, but he figured that the way Jae had hidden the note from him was a sign that he shouldn’t mention it just yet.

He knocked on a door, and when no reply came he entered, balancing the tray on his hip.

“Hello, Kangin...” he said, watching his adopted father’s reaction. But Kangin’s face didn’t move, and his eyes never strayed from the window. And Ryeowook could see why.

It was beginning to snow.
Carmendongbangsuju20 on November 14th, 2008 11:26 pm (UTC)
like it sumhow x3

the relationship between jae und wookie is love <3

looking forward to the next chapter ^^
rin_eerin_ee on November 15th, 2008 12:58 am (UTC)
Ahh so sweet :)
I am liking this very much!
fbdongsaeng: Heartfbdongsaeng on November 15th, 2008 05:13 am (UTC)
Thankyou <3

I hope my prologue hasn't scared Teukie lovers away... D:
Sky: Oh yes I didshinelikethesky on November 16th, 2008 05:04 am (UTC)
I find it interesting how different Jaejoong acts around Ryeowook and Kyuhyun...

Haha, Yunho trying to tell Kyuhyun his name was funny. :)
sakurachan88sakurachan88 on October 8th, 2009 03:22 am (UTC)
PLEASE update this fic!!! I absolutely LOVE it and how it's Ryeowook centric!! It's an interesting story line. Please continue!